Book Support

Study Group Support

Study groups working with the book who wish to contact the author during their journey through the book may do so by using the Contact Form for occasional questions and comments.

Academic Instructors

Dr. Coulter is available to support those choosing to use the book as a course textbook. Original Mind makes a very engaging, yet scholarly, text for an education or psychology course focusing on Explorations in Cognitive Development. It would also be an excellent introductory text for AP high school students or incoming college freshmen as a course focused on Developing Advanced Cognitive Skills.

Suggested course outlines, supplementary activities and additional information behind each chapter can be provided to give the instructors a larger perspective on the book and make it easier to meet the students well. If you are interested in creating a course with this book and would like the author’s help, click here.

Trainers and Trainings

Original Mind lends itself to training service workers who will be engaging with non-literate or semi-literate populations. These personnel are called upon to appreciate the indigenous wisdom of the populations they serve while also working at a systems level to offer useful interventions.

Webinars or training classes on Original Mind may become available to support both instructors and trainers. All subscribers will be notified about any training opportunities as they arise.

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