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Brain Development Series

Dee Coulter has gathered together her most powerful talks on three brain development stages. The talks in each set are described below. It is also possible to purchase the complete series at a significant discount if you would like. Its contents are posted as well.

Montessori and the Mind

Dr. Coulter has enjoyed a long and enjoyable connection with the Montessori movement for many years. She has been a very popular keynote presenter at National and Regional Montessori Conferences for over 25 years. She has also offered visiting lectures and in-service workshops for parents and educators at major Montessori training centers across the country.

Mind and Music

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Coulter has been a consistently favorite speaker and workshop leader for music educators. She has presented keynote addresses at several national AOSA conferences as well as state and regional music conferences around the country. She brings neurological insights to the important work of music educators, explaining the many ways they foster cognitive development and enrich their students

The Wisdom of Waldorf

Dr. Coulter included a study of Waldorf education as part of her doctoral work in neurological studies and holistic education in 1981. She was so fascinated with the neurological soundness of Waldorf education that she guided the initiative to start Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder Colorado that year. She has continued to study the work of Rudolf Steiner since then, allowing his insights to infuse her neurological research. Dr. Coulter served as a faculty member for the Waldorf based Remedial Education training program at Sunbridge College for 4 years and had been a popular speaker at Waldorf conferences.

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