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Dee’s Background with the Waldorf Movement:
Dr. Coulter included a study of Waldorf education as part of her doctoral work in neurological studies and holistic education in 1981. She was so fascinated with the neurological soundness of Waldorf education that she guided the initiative to start Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder Colorado that year. She has continued to study the work of Rudolf Steiner since then, allowing his insights to infuse her neurological research. Dr. Coulter served as a faculty member for the Waldorf based Remedial Education training program at Sunbridge College for 4 years and had been a popular speaker at Waldorf conferences.

Talks Include:

A Guided Tour of Brain Development

(New Mexico School Psychologists Association Conference Keynote)
This guided fantasy tour follows the brain from birth through adulthood. Each milestone and shift in “wiring” sheds light on optimal parenting and teaching strategies for that age.

Teaching the Inner Child

(Colorado: Waldorf Arts & Humanities Conference Keynote)
Movement, repetition, rhythm and wonder – these are ways we can inspire the child’s mind without over stimulation. In stressful times, these ideas are especially valuable.

Neurology and Nurture

(Colorado: Waldorf Parent & Education Conference Presentation)
Exciting new neurological findings point the way for teachers and parents to help today’s children develop resilience, social skills, and the ability to reflect and think for themselves.

Willfulness to Willpower

(Seattle: AMS Traveling Symposium Presentation)
This talk blends brain science and Steiner’s indications about will development to address key challenges children face from toddlerhood through grade school. The ideas are especially useful for parents and teachers in supporting today’s children.


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