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Set 3: Late Adolescent & Adult Mind

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Introducing the Brain Development Series:
Dee Coulter has gathered together her most powerful talks on three brain development stages. The talks in each set are described below. It is also possible to purchase the complete series at a significant discount if you would like. Its contents are posted as well.

Talks Include:

The Inner Dynamics of Creativity

(Colorado: Sounds True Recording Studio interview with Tami Simon)
This extremely popular talk explores the very roots of creativity: inner gestures, incubation, composition, and rigor. Learn how these subtle brain states contribute to the creative outcome.

A Substantially New Way of Thinking

(Colorado: University of Denver Spirituality and Education Conference keynote)
Transcending our ordinary way of thinking requires that both learner and teacher change their thinking patterns. Discover the neurological dynamics and the intuitive, experiential skills involved.

The Practice Effect and Other Mysteries

(Kansas: State Music Teacher Association Conference presentation)
Dee Coulter and her son, Scott, explore the biological changes that make new performance skills possible in piano and the arts. Creativity coaches will love these insights.

Exploring the Ground of the Teacher

(Colorado: Boulder Institute of Massage Therapy faculty presentation)
This talk explores the art of teaching and of designing a learning journey that fosters both a freshness and depth of thinking in the students, guiding them to become systems thinkers.


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