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Set 2: The School-Age Mind

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Introducing the Brain Development Series:
Dee Coulter has gathered together her most powerful talks on three brain development stages. The talks in each set are described below. It is also possible to purchase the complete series at a significant discount if you would like. Its contents are posted as well.

Talks include:

Teaching the Inner Child

(Colorado Endowment for the Arts and Humanities Conference presentation)
Movement, repetition, rhythm and wonder – these are ways we can inspire the child’s mind without overstimulation. In stressful times, these ideas are especially valuable.

Classroom Clues to Thinking Problems

(New York Upstate Regional Public School Conference keynote)
Children’s bodies tell us how best to reach and teach each child. Squirming, slumping, over alertness, and grogginess are all subtle neurological clues we can learn to read.

Neurology and Nurture: Support for Challenging Times

Colorado: Parenting and Education Conference presentation)
Exciting new neurological findings point the way for teachers and parents to help today’s children develop resilience, social skills and the ability to reflect and think for themselves.

Before and After Formal Thinking

(Colorado: Middle and High School faculty and parents workshop presentation)
Formal thinking calls for inner speech, impulse control, and a tolerance for ambiguity and boredom. Once mastered, a very exciting stage called systems thinking can arise.


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