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Set 1: The Young Child’s Mind

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Introducing the Brain Development Series:
Dee Coulter has gathered together her most powerful talks on three brain development stages. The talks in each set are described below. It is also possible to purchase the complete series at a significant discount if you would like. Its contents are posted as well.

Talks Include:

A Guided Tour of Brain Development

(New Mexico School Psychologists Association Conference Keynote)
This guided fantasy tour follows the brain from birth through adulthood. Each milestone and shift in “wiring” sheds light on optimal parenting and teaching strategies for that age.

The Sympathetic Thinker in a Critical World

(Alaska: Association for the Education of Young Children, keynote address)
This presentation explores ways we can support the gentle preschool mind in a not so gentle world. Their wonderful early thinking skills lay the foundation for later cognitive stages.

Overcoming Learned Helplessness

(Colorado: a preschool education course lecture)
Abuse, neglect, and even lesser obstacles can trigger young children to collapse into a state of learned helplessness. Learn how this happens and what we can do to prevent or solve it.

Awakening the Neurology of Peace

(Colorado: Leave No Child Behind Early Childhood Conference keynote)
Young children can develop neurological pathways that support learning,loving and living in peace.
But in stressful times, they may choose stress response pathways instead without our help.


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