Sense and Science of Waldorf Education: A Guidebook

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by Dee Joy Coulter, Ed.D. © 2007 (44 pages)
These readings were selected especially for Waldorf parents and teachers. Many of the articles focus on issues of unique importance to Waldorf education.

Introductory Overview

Montessori and Steiner: A Pattern of Reverse Symmetries
[reprinted from Holistic Education Review, 1991]

Unit I: The Young Learner (Ages 3 -10)
(3 articles)

Discipline: A Three-fold Transformation of the Will
Understanding the Temperamental Learner
Moving into Literacy

Unit II: The Older Learner (Ages 11-18) (4 articles)

Making Mind Conscious
Creating a Home Office in 7 Easy Steps
Cultivating the Will (parts 1, 2 and 3)

Unit III: Special Learning Issues (4 articles)

Immature Reflexes and Reading
Handwriting and the Left Hander
A Fresh Look at Learning Issues
Subtle Aspects of Auditory Processing Problems


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