Montessori and the Mind

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Dee’s background with the Montessori Movement:
Dr. Coulter has enjoyed a long and enjoyable connection with the Montessori movement for many years. She has been a very popular keynote presenter at National and Regional Montessori Conferences for over 25 years. She has also offered visiting lectures and in-service workshops for parents and educators at major Montessori training centers across the country.

Talks Include:

Awakening the Natural Parent

(Chicago: Regional AMS conference keynote)
This talk invites caregivers and parents to enter the child’s world, and to reawaken
natural caregiving and parenting skills that can complement a Montessori education.

Willfulness to Willpower: The Growing Child

(Seattle: AMS Traveling Symposium presentation)
This talk blends brain science and insights as it addresses the key challenges children face from toddlerhood through grade school and how we can help.

Stepping Stones to a Lively Mind

(Dallas: Montessori sponsored education conference keynote)
Humor, stories and subtle perceptions guide the listener through Piaget’s stages of preoperational, concrete and formal mind and on to an exciting “post formal” stage that offers a way to rekindle a sense of wholeness in ourselves and our children. A delightful presentation!

The Neurology of Peace: How Montessori Works

(San Diego: NCME national conference keynote)
Many children live such stressful lives that they will fail to thrive in traditional classrooms. However, the Montessori environment is an almost magical formula for these children. This keynote address explores why these ideas work so well and how to use them with an even deeper appreciation for their brilliance.


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