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Dee’s background with music educators:
Over the past 20 years, Dr. Coulter has been a consistently favorite speaker and workshop leader for music educators. She has presented keynote addresses at several national AOSA conferences as well as state and regional music conferences around the country. She brings neurological insights to the important work of music educators, explaining the many ways they foster cognitive development and enrich their students

Talks Include:

Meeting the World with Music (18 months to 7 years)

(Chicago: National Early Childhood Music Conference keynote presentation)
Music can play an important part in developing movement skills, fostering social engagement, and laying the groundwork for thinking, as it gives each childe the gift of a musical childhood.

Music’s Gifts to the Developing Mind (4 to 14 years)

(Detroit: Orff Schulwerk National Conference presentation)
Brain research clearly supports the wisdom of offering music to all children. Music’s brillian patterns engage the mind while encouraging each child and culture to sinng out and be heard.

Falling in Love with Music: Styles and Stages (7 to 14 years)

(Kansas Music Teachers Association Conference keynote address)
Each temperament has special gifts, obstacles and needs that change as the child moves through each cognitive stage. This talk is filled with humor and great ideas for all teachers.

Music and the 21st Century Mind (3 years to Adulthood)

(Kansas: Fort Hays State University music conference keynote address)
As the brain gores through growth and change, music has ways to meet and support each stage. Discover “what’s up” at each stage, and learn how music can coach the unfolding mind.


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