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Sets 1-3: All 12 Talks Included

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Introducing the Brain Development Series:
Dee Coulter has gathered together her most powerful talks on three brain development stages. The talks in each set are described below. It is also possible to purchase the complete series at a significant discount if you would like. Its contents are posted as well.

Talks Include:

Set 1: The Young Child’s Mind

  • A Guided Tour of Brain Development
  • The Sympathetic Thinker in a Critical World
  • Overcoming Learned Helplessness
  • Awakening the Neurology of Peace

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Set 2: The School-Age Mind

  • Teaching the Inner Child
  • Classroom Clues to Thinking Problems
  • Neurology and Nurture: Support for Challenging Times
  • Before and After Formal Thinking

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Set 3: The Late Adolescent & Adult Mind

  • The Inner Dynamics of Creativity
  • A Substantially New Way of Thinking
  • The Practice Effect and Other Mysteries
  • Exploring the Ground of the Teacher

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