Awakening the Scholar Workbook



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by Dee Joy Coulter, Ed.D. © 2002
An engaging upper level high school and college workbook; 114 pages
(a ring bound notebook, 8.5 x 11 inch format)

This lively workbook invites reader participation with questionnaires and checklists designed to identify learning styles, strategies for developing new learning skills, reports of discoveries by other students and stories that shed light on important neurological information.

In the first two of the seven units, readers discover how their particular body can best support their mind. It goes on to explore ways to cultivate the will as a powerful resource for generating new scholarly skills.

The next two units examine learning channels, learning stages and temperaments, cognitive states and ways to dissolve learning obstacles.

Then the reader is ready to explore the final two units, which address more traditional cognitive issues in a new light. Memory, learned helplessness, attention, organization, reading and writing are all presented in fresh ways that invite a transformation of one’s relationship to thinking. The text closes with a unit on befriending two major learning obstacles, dyslexia and closed head injuries and understanding the gifts that accompany both of those learning challenges.

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