Original Mind in the Spotlight

Audio Interviews

  • “The Brain’s Changes from Birth to 3: A Parenting Guide” Part 2 Interview with Kim John Payne (44 minutes Listen Below)
  • “The Brain’s Changes from Birth to 3: A Parenting Guide” Part 1 Interview with Kim John Payne (44 minutes Listen Below)

Reviews and Excerpts

  • Naropa University Magazine (Read Article)
  • Reality Sandwich’s web magazine of ideas for the transformational community (Read Article)

New Uses: Educational Trainings

  • College CourseOriginal Mind will be used as an integral part of a course on Change Making for Claremont Lincoln University this fall and Dee will be providing support materials for the instructor as needed.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Training Program – This summer, Original Mind was used as a text during this training program in Montrose, Colorado. The students blogged their comments on several chapters and Dee gave them written comments in response.

New Research Highlights

  • An incredibly hopeful intervention, called Head Start Trauma Smart addresses the nearly epidemic levels of trauma based behavior problems facing today’s early childhood populations with very skillful new strategies! It is being piloted in Kansas and Missouri and will hopefully spread quickly across the country. Bornstein, David. 2014. “Teaching Children to Calm Themselves”. New York Times, March 19.
  • The Case for Letting High School Students Sleep In – This is a very thorough review of the evidence supporting later start times for high school students, written by Libby Nelson at VOX.com. It includes hyperlinks to many important studies on the subject. You might enjoy signing up to follow this author’s daily blogs. (Read Article)

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