Meet Dee Joy Coulter

Dee Coulter EDITED -1Dee Joy Coulter is a nationally recognized neuroscience educator, known for her unique ability to present complex ideas in clear and humorous ways that are useful for educators.

Dee lives on a small ranch just outside Boulder, Colorado. She has tended that land for nearly thirty years and has reached a sense of deep familiarity with it. She shares the ranch with her four Icelandic horses whose antics often remind her of a junior high lunchroom.

For nearly half a century, Dee has followed her passion for guiding learners into deep enjoyment of their minds. Equipped with a master’s degree in special education from the University of Michigan, she began to impact the field of education. This path often involved creating pro- grams and schools, beginning in the 1960s with a pioneering school for youth in a state mental hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. A decade later, during the idealistic times of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, she directed an exciting school for dropouts in Colorado. She guided a group of parents into establishing a highly successful Waldorf school in Boulder during that decade as well.

Her ongoing curiosity about the influence of neuroscience in learning and cognition drew her back to school in the late 1970s to complete her doctorate in neurological studies at the University of Northern Colorado.

She has continued to follow neuroscience research since then, weaving it into all of her teaching and speaking work. During the following two decades, much of her professional time was divided between national speaking engagements, student assessments, teacher workshops, and college-level teaching. Her son, Scott, was born in 1978 as well. Helping him live into his destiny brought great joy to her life, and in the process he became one of her greatest teachers.

In 1983, Dee began her twenty-year tenure as a faculty member at Naropa University, a role she deeply enjoyed. She reluctantly stepped down from teaching in 2003, so she could prepare to write this book.

Following a five-year period of preparation, she ended her public speaking and assessment work to begin writing. The actual writing involved an intense three-year retreat from public life, as she researched, incubated, and then drew forth the writing in this book.

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